Challenges With Accepting Credit Cards

by | Sep 26, 2022

Challenges With Accepting Credit Cards

In this day and age as we’re moving toward a cashless society and fewer people carry cash, accepting credit cards is a must for most business owners. Credit Card acceptance can attract new customers, increase sales and revenue, improve cash flow and is more convenient overall for both the consumer and business owner. But does it come with challenges?

Here are a few to ponder.


This is the biggest drawback because Credit Card transactions cost comes directly out of your revenue. These include processing fees, interchange and transaction fees, and monthly account fees such as minimum, statement, annual, PCI compliance and reporting fees.

Chargebacks or Disputes:

Consumers have the right to dispute credit card charges. In these cases, it is the business owner’s responsibility to produce the original transaction receipt and/or invoice for the disputed charge. There is a possibility the business could be out the cost of that product or service plus an additional chargeback fee.

Fraud and Security:

Credit cards and their account information can easily be stolen through data breaches and cyberattacks leaving businesses vulnerable to fraud. Fraud transactions that are face to face and chip processed are generally absorbed by the card holder’s bank as long as the appropriate documentation is provided. However, since online payments carry more risk, they are scrutinized at a higher level by the banks and may not be absorbed. The good news is that there are specific fraud detection and preventive measures that can be put in place to help deter fraudulent activities.

Credit Card Terminals and Gateways:

Point of Sale (POS) equipment is another expense and comes along with its own security liabilities. Card payment gateways facilitate the communication of sensitive personal and financial data that needs to be safeguarded so that it is not compromised.

Additional Record Keeping:

Adds another level to the business’s record keeping process. An organized tracking system will need to be established for all card payments to include the collection and storage of transaction receipts.

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